Monday, August 31, 2009

End of Tour

Tour has finally come to an end. The past twenty-some-odd days have been an amazing blur of events; a swirling amalgam of European countrysides, cityscape, and alleyways spent on van seats, stages and floor spaces. My battered body is thankful for the respite, yet I still can't believe this adventure has come to and end. We're gonna be hangin out in Amsterdam, devouring the sights and sounds for a couple of days, so if you're out here, hit us up. Thanks to everyone who came out to our shows over the last few weeks, you made this tour one to remember. To those of you in the UK, we hope to see you this Fall when we come back out with Gallows. We've also got some festivals coming up in the states. You can check out all of those dates here.

Here are some pictures from our show in Kingston at the Fighting Cocks:

...and a video from Ieperfest

If you missed them at Sound & Fury, our first book, Collective: Volume 1, is now up in our webstore. The book is over 100 pages of stories, pictures, interviews, artwork and more, compiled from a group of our friends submissions. Below are some photos of the book. Thanks Jason.

I know you've heard it before, but thanks for holding tight while waiting on your merch orders. We'll be back later this week to speed up the never-ending shipping process. Thanks for understanding.


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Anonymous said...

Stoked with all these news! And glad there's a band with the Trash Talk spirit out there, thanks for the inspiration...

Still expecting that you come to Portugal!