Monday, August 10, 2009

Snapshot of Berlin

Tonight, an ongoing tour joke became a reality. Ver ist ze money, Lebowski?

Here I sit, enjoying a delightfully chilled bottle of Berliner Pilsner in Lebowski, a not-so nihilistic bar located in Berlin's cozy and cafe riddled Freidrichshain district. I'm a little stoned and vibing to "Wild Child" by The Doors blasting from well hidden overhead speakers.

The walls are adorned with Big Lebowski memorabilia and photos of patrons and cast members, though not together. Above the bar bowling shoes hang, laces tied, like so many Chuck Taylors back home. A psychedelic, skeletal, caricature of The Dude himself graces the inner door jam, keeping watch over the barkeep and me from behind aviator shades. Ver ist ze money, Lebowski? I've just spotted one of the well concealed speakers, delicately tucked behind a 10lb. bowling ball, literally smashing five bowling pins. Twine and small loops (think fishing hooks) are the lone buffer between the presumably heavy display of art and the nearest bar stool.

Aside from the language barrier, this bar seems American. A friend once told me it was the subtle differences that make foreign countries great. He's right, i just spotted a Social Distortion poster.

The soundtrack for my short stay in Lebowski has been:
The Doors - Wild Child
Sublime - Johnny Butt
Peter Tosh - Legalize It
The Doors - Alabama Song
Jimi Hendrix - Castles of Sand

If Ipods had existed then, my mp3 device in 8th grade could have easily conjured a similar playlist on a trip through shuffle... just sayin.

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