Monday, August 10, 2009

Guten Tag!

I wasn't certain the day would come, but on Thursday August 7, 2009, Spencer Louis Pollard was granted permission by issuing authorities to leave the United States of America. At roughly 7:50 am, Northwest Transatlantic Flight 52 touched down on the tarmac of Frankfurt, Germany. This was finally it. On my band's third trip to Europe, I made my first. After a disorienting stagger through customs, we forged our way to the baggage carousel to await multiple ill-packed, merch-filled duffel bags and our hopefully still intact guitars. Within the half hour we found ourselves outside and piling into our rented Sprinter, exchanging broken greetings with our driver, Michael. Shortly thereafter we hit the bricks to Amsterdam before having to make the 45 minute jaunt to Arnheim. While in Amsterdam, I was given an impromptu crash course of the city's unconventional tourist attractions. Hello heaven.

To everyone who's waiting on our mailorder, thanks for being patient. We sold out of several designs and they're being reprinted and shipped out now. Thanks for bearing with us. East of Eden is in, and will be available August 24th from Holy Roar Records so cruise on over to their website to pick one up while you still can. Check it out...



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