Tuesday, September 22, 2009

This past weekend..

..was wild to say the least. The Portland show with Despise You, Crom and Dr. Loomis was a great way to kick off a wild weekend of coast hopping. Despise You murdered it. It was my 2nd time seeing them in the past few months and they ripped. During our set at the show in Portland I dove off of the stage and landed on a girl knocking her out. I didn't notice anyone got knocked out until I got back to the stage and saw people carrying someone out of the building. Right when I saw that I had my friend run outside to make sure everything was okay and the person was doing well. He came back and told me that everything is okay and the girl is awake and doing good. I said sorry on stage at the show and had everyone give it up for her being conscious and feeling better. I couldn't find the girl who it was after the show so I figured I'd post here and say sorry for that. It was a total accident and not intentional at all. I've been knocked out way too many times at shows and it isn't fun at all so I hope she is doing fine and back in good health. After our show at Satyricon in Portland we had to drive to straight to Seattle to catch our 5am flight over to Boston. After a quick layover in Philly we finally made it Boston about 2 hours before we had to hit the stage. We all felt like real deal zombies but Boston didn't disappoint. Kids were flying everywhere. The fest was fucking rad. It felt good to be back on the east coast even if it was only for a few hours. Here are some photo's from our set at the fest check em out: http://www.flickr.com/photos/futurebreed/sets/72157622297828695/ Shout outs to KM and everyone who helped put it together. Hopefully we can make it back out there next year for the fest again. That's all I got for now. The next 9 days of my life will be spent roaming around Portland, OR with my good pal Scuba Steve. If see us in the streets say what's up. Let's do something.

Over and out.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Everybody's Working For The Weekend


We will be playing two shows this weekend on two different coasts. The first show of the weekend is on Saturday in Portland, OR and it is apart of the MusicfestNW. Tons of rad bands are playing this fest(Bad Brains/Sunny Day Real Estate/Girl Talk/OM + a million others). It's going to be a wild weekend. If you live in the Northwest you should be there. Our show for the fest is:

Saturday October 19th

Trash Talk
Despise You
Dr. Loomis

@ Satyricon
125 NW Sixth Ave.
Portland, OR
8 PM(We play at 11PM)
10$ at the door or free entry with a festival wristband

For more info on this fest check out their website: www.musicfestnw.com

Our second show this weekend is on Sunday in Boston, MA and it is a part of The Great American Hardcore Fest. If you live in the Boston area you have no excuse to miss this show. Sunday is going to be insane. Here is the line up for the day we play:

Sunday 12 pm doors
Guns Up!
Trash Talk
Death Before Dishonor
The Wrongside
The Carrier
The Mongoloids
Wrecking Crew
Title Fight
The Banner
Born From Pain
Free Spirit
Bad Seed
Rotting Out

That's all for now. Hopefully we will be seeing some familiar faces this weekend. Party on.