Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bye Bye America... Hello hella other places..

Hello everyone,

We just finished up our U.S. tour with The Bronx yesterday and it was a fucking blast. Those are some of the best dudes I've had the chance to tour with. Shout outs to Joby, Matt, Ken, Jorma, Brad, BMC, Dr. Z and Clem for the good times. It's going down again sometime in the future so keep your eyes open. Thanks to anyone who came out to one of the shows and made it rad. We will be back out on the road in the U.S. this summer. Hopefully we will be seeing all of you then. Right now I am currently sitting in my friends apartment in Brooklyn getting ready to head to the airport in about an hour. We are flying off to Australia today for our first time. We can't wait this shit is going to be wild. If you live in Australia come and say what's up! We want to see/do everything there is to do. Right when the AUS tour is over we will be flying back to Japan for our 2nd time this year and we couldn't be anymore excited about that. Time to hang out with all of our Japanese friends and drink way too much hot green tea out of vending machines. I gotta wrap this up and pack my bag. Be sure to check back on the blog within the next few weeks for crazy overseas stories and adventures. If you live in AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND OR JAPAN come say what's up and hang out. See you soon.

For more info on the shows(cities/venues/tickets etc..) check out:


Thursday, April 23, 2009

What's good Boston?

We are playing a basement show tonight around 5 pm in Boston. For more info hit up my dude GoxBruins on AIM or email The basement show is going down around the corner of Cambridge st. and Gordon.. BE THERE!
After the basement show we will be playing The Middle East..

Thursday 4/23
The Bronx
Riverboat Gamblers
Trash Talk
Fake Problems
8 PM
@ The Middle East

Hopefully we will be seeing you twice..
Shouts to COA and KM for setting the basement pit off.
Also the folks at just blew my mind.
Thanks for reading.

Oh ps. Thanks to Mitch
Wojcik for the spin photo. We love you..

Sunday, April 19, 2009


I got in the van with the trash talk dudes for a day. The baltimore show was awesome, we also got pretty wild that night. Next day, we drove to jersey and trash talk played a bangin gig with let down and disaster. There's nothing like drinking a 40 of OE in a church and watching your boys get wild. Today its back to the bronx tour, playing in west chester at bam margeras club. come out and set it off for the rest of the gigs.

4/19/09 - West Chester, PA @ The Note

4/20/09 - New York, NY @ The Bowery Ballroom

4/21/09 - Dix Hills, NY(Long Island) @ The Doghouse

4/22/09 - Hoboken, NJ @ Maxwell’s

4/23/09 - Boston, MA @ The Middle East

4/24/09 - Providence, RI @ Jerky’s

thats it for me fools. follow me on twitter

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Baltimore City.. Stay Cold..

I am currently sitting on a porch in Baltimore. The weather is a cool 78 degrees with a nice breeze. This city rules. Yesterday was a blast. As we were making the drive from Columbus, OH to Baltimore I made a few calls to the Baltimore homies to see what's up and we found out that Trapped Under Ice was going to be opening up the New Found Glory show that was going down in Baltimore. Our road dog Ad Ross kicked the van into high gear so that we could make it to the gig in time to catch them. After getting lost for a little while in Baltimore we finally made it a few minutes after TUI started. They were great as always. Kids were diving over the barrier onto a cemented front row of teenage girls. It was wild sight to see. Justice was groovin hard. He has the Ginuwine moves on lock. Anton Rough played a suprise set. I don't think the crowd knew how to take that haha. Klippa was full on hammered and it was only 7pm. He managed to spill a beer on Garrett and shout out Baltimore City hardcore over a million times. I always love seeing good friends that we barely get to hang with. It's one of the best things about tour. Shout outs to NFG for the Southern Comfort shots. After we watched Trapped Under Ice weird out 1200 screaming teens we made our way over to our show at The Ottobar. The show was rad. Surroundings opened up and they were awesome. They played a new song that was beyond heavy. I think they are going to be recording it soon for a new record. Be sure to check it out. The place filled out and got wild. Some kids got thrown out for diving. It happens. The Bronx murdered it as always. Knifeman is a song you should check out if you haven't already. We were supposed to have today off but days off aren't fun so we are going to be playing the Stelton Baptist Church in Edison, NJ tonight. An AV exclusive. Can't wait. NJ is always good to us. Grease trucks after the show. Be there. 

Hope all is well.

See you soon.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

ToUr ToUr ToUr ToUr ToUr ToUr

2 shows a day, long drives and minimal time = A suffering blog.
Sorry about that. The folks over at Thrasher Magazine put up an interview we did a while back on their site. Check it out. We are also adding a few more east coast shows in the next few days so keep a look out.
BaCk tO tHe VaN.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ten things that currently rule:

1. Jorma from The Bronx's drumming skills.
2. The beats that Kellen lays down in the van... Sexy..
3. Adross's flowing locks.
4. The new Wolves In The Throne Room record. 
5. Dj Skeet Skeet & Co.
6. Summer is right around the corner. 
7. Raw Nerves from Portland, Oregon. 
8. Twitter.
9.  Del Taco.
10. Pat from Dillinger Four.

thats all for now. see you soon.

-Sam Bosson

Friday, April 3, 2009

New Merch..

Yo we have some new merch up in the webstore.
Life is crazy so if ur missing anything from the past email-
Broken teeth, bones and lawyers are not cheap.
Thanks for the support.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

IPhone Photo Dump...

Tour Support..


"Watch me light the Cohiba off the Viking stove"

"Loose-Leaf cigarettes be dipped in wet"

Little Boots.. <3

Officer Ricky!

Dogs are bangin..

Hi, How Are You?


I love California..

Fat Juggs..

Passenger Seat..

Travis Bean..

Number one on top, taper the back and part the side like its 94'