Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Babble in CA

At approximately 4:15 this morning, with yours truly at the helm, the Trash Talk cheese bus broke the invisible line between Oregon and the greatest state in the union... CALIFORNIA. I'm currently sitting in a plush, reclining leather computer chair on the outskirts of downtown Sacramento eagerly awaiting my 6 hour bus ride home to Bakersfield. The short jaunt pales in comparison to a great portion of the drives we had to make over the last few months. This tour was both exhausting and exhilarating and as my time away from home is growing shorter, I'm gonna miss the road.

I already miss:
*Garold, Elroy, Deshaun, JT and Fit
*Waffle House
*Surprise party favors
*Late night beers with complete strangers
*Friends new and old across the country
*Twink Talk with Jason T
*Noising the freaks of your town from the comfort of our van

I will not miss:
*Sleeping on the floor
*Riding in a hot van for 8 hours with a hangover
*Not showering

Like usual, the positives outweigh the negatives and all is well in the world. If we missed your town this time, we'll be there soon. If we've already been to your town we'll be back. The past 78 days have been incredible, though I think I speak for everyone when I say it feels good to be home.


Monday, May 26, 2008


5/21: Wichita, KS - We got into Wichita super early so we got a hotel. The place let us do an early check in so that was cool to just hang out and catch up on some much needed rest. I guess there was a bunch of confusion about the show that night. It got moved from Hutchinson, KS to Wichita, KS. No one knew where the new venue was so all day we were trying to figure it out. We eventually figured it out and made our way down there for show time. We played this Eagles Hall last year with Modern Life Is War and it was fucking awesome so I was pretty excited about the show. The last time we were at that place we had the most epic firework battle with MLIW. They obviously lost because we are good at that kind of shit. Right when we showed up the show we did the usual load in/find a liquor store/make friends/party. Spencer and I caught a ride to the liquor with our friend Walker who we had met the last time we were in Wichita. We picked up some High Life 32's and made our way back to the venue. I always get caught in these wild situations where 10 minutes before we are about to play I am sitting in the van trying to hurry up and chug my beer. Whenever that happens I always end up throwing up. So literally 2 minutes before we are about to kick into our first song I can feel the foam coming up throat. I ran to the door and the second I got outside puke was flying everywhere. I got it all out of my system and went back into the gig. The show was fucking rad. A bunch of kids from Oklahoma drove out to the show. Blood was flying everywhere. Everyone that had a white shirt that night left with spots of red on their shirt. After the gig we went back to the hotel and I passed out.

5/22: Denver, CO - The next morning we woke up hella early and made the drive to Denver, CO. I was so siked to be heading further and further west. The weather was starting to get brutal. Some friends of mine from back home told me that California was basically a living hell because it was so fucking hot. Denver is always good to us. We have made tons of friends there through out the years so going there is always a blast. Right when we showed up we were greeted with open arms. Our friend Joey owns a pizza shop in Denver called Benny Blancos so he came through with 3 extra large cheese pizzas and a salad for the vegan. The pizza was so good. You should go get a slice if you are ever in Denver and looking for some good pizza. Theres nothing I appreciate more than people helping out bands on tour. No one has to do it so when they do help out its much appreciated. The gig that night was cool. I could barely breathe for some reason so I was having a pretty rough time. Right when we finished playing we had to load up fast and make the 12 hour drive to Boise, ID. I slept in the loft that night while Spencer and our roady Jason T made the drive. In the middle of the night I woke up because I heard people yelling and all this shit. I guess we were sliding down the freeway because we hit a patch of black ice. That shit is pretty fucking scary. The next day The Carrier told us they hit some black ice around the same area. Sketch...

5/23: Boise, ID - We got into Boise around noon and went over to Spencer's friend Sara's apartment. We all got showered up and caught some sleep after the hell drive we had that night. Sara and her room mate were kind enough to make us some corn on the cob (random.. but good). There was a bunch of confusion about the Boise show as well. It was the same deal. The show got moved and no one really knew where it was or what was going on. We eventually figured out where it was and made our way over there after chillin all day. It was a house show in a pretty nice neighborhood so I didn't think it was going to work out but it ended up going fine. No cops came to break up the party. We played in a tiny garage. Tons of kids came and packed it in up front. Singalongs were in full effect. I dove off of Garrett's guitar cab and smashed my back on the water heater. It didn't feel to good. There was some wild characters at the show. There was a girl with a shaved head/super short mohawk. She was going nuts. She had this wild flame swimsuit top on and she was slammin around the garage like Mudvayne was playing. She came up to us afterwards and said something along the lines of "You guys were great. I know a set is great when my titties pop out because my titties never pop out". It was pretty weird but it brought some good laughs. After the show was over we loaded up and made the drive to Seattle, WA for Rain Fest. The drive was about 8 hours and the fest started at 2 so we drove that night to make sure we would make it to the fest on time.

5/24-5/25: The Northwest(RAIN FEST) - We got into Seattle at 9 in the morning. We went over to our friend Harris's house to hang out before the gig. We chilled out there for awhile then once everyone was ready we went into the city. 2 of the people with us have never been to Seattle before so the first thing we did was go to Dicks for some burgers then over to the Lusty Lady. Going to the Lusty Lady is a must if you are in Seattle. After everyone released some tension we wandered around the city for a few hours before heading to Tacoma for the fest. We hadn't played the NW in about a year so I was super siked to play. The fest was awesome. It was a long day. It was so long that I got drunk then sobered up then got drunk again then sobered up again then had a hang over then got drunk again. A bunch of friends bands from Northern California played so it was cool to hang out with them since we haven't seen them in awhile. Shout outs to Ceremony/Sabertooth Zombie/Life Long Tragedy/Skin Like Iron. Those four bands killed it. Our set was wild. It was a great way to end our 2 month spring tour. The northwest is a fun place to gig. I love it up here. After the show we got a hotel and passed the fuck out. The next morning we got some food at Quickies in Tacoma. That place never fails. It is a vegan restaurant with some of the best food around. We got there just in time for brunch. After filling our stomachs we made our way over to the show. That day was spent just getting fucked up to be honest. We didn't have shit to do. Tour is over. I watched a ton of bands kill it. Northern California was in full effect. After Ceremony played Zed, Ross and myself decided to climb this crazy factory behind the venue. I was so drunk that it probably wasn't a good idea but we did it anyways. There is a great view of the city up there so if you're ever at The Viaduct in Tacoma you should go climb all over that factory. After fucking around for an hour or so we all went over to our friends house and hung out. It was a party. I went to go make a phone call outside and I fell face first on the ground. It was about that time I decided I should just go pass out in the van. I woke up today with the worst hang over ever. Rain Fest as a whole was fucking awesome and I'm glad we got a chance to be apart of it. Tour is now over. I'm sitting at our friends house in the Seattle area hanging out. We are going to make the drive back to Sacramento on wednesday for now we are just enjoying a break. We will be heading to europe in about 3 weeks. If you live in europe you should come check out a show. It is our first time overseas so show us a good time. I'll be updating this blog with crazy stories while I'm at home. Home life is just as crazy as tour life....

We put up a new song from our upcoming LP.. It's called "Dig"... If you haven't had a chance to listen to it yet you should go do that right now...

Thanks America for making this Spring tour so good... It was a fucking blast and I can't wait to get back here in July and do it all over again.. Shout outs to Nick Fit/Jason T./Trapped Under Ice/Coliseum/Victims/The Carrier and Hostage Calm...

Hope all is well with you and I'll see you soon...


Friday, May 23, 2008


We play tomorrow.. It is the last day of our Spring tour.. We haven't been to the Northwest in a long time...

Come hang out..

See you soon..


Thursday, May 22, 2008


New Track: Dig

Cover Art:

Track Listing:

The Hand That Feeds

Well of Souls

Birth Plague Die


I Block


Onward and Upward


Immaculate Infection

All the Kings Men

The Mistake


Tour Dates:

U.S. w/ The Carrier

05/21: Hutchinson, KS @ McGraws

05/22: Denver, CO @ Underground

05/23: Boise, ID @ Myrtle Morgue

05/24: Tacoma, WA @ Rain Fest

05/25: Tacoma, WA @ Rain Fest

Europe w/ The Mongoloids

06/19: Steenwijk,HOL @ Trash Fest

06/20: Newcastle,UK @ TBA

06/21: Hull,UK @ Ringside

06/22: Birmingham,UK @ TBA

06/23: Newport,UK @ Le Pub

06/24: London,UK @ TBA

06/25: Paris,FR @Le Klub

06/26: Saarbrucken,GER @ TBA

06/27: Sint-Niklaas,BEL @ T Verschil

06/28: Rosswein,GER @ Juha Rosswein

06/29: Essen,GER @ Pressure Fest

06/30: Vienna,AU @ Shelter

07/01: Florence,IT @ Ulisse

07/02: Madrid,SP @ Sala Baracuddas

07/03: Nice,FR @ TBA

07/04: Raesfeld / Rurhr,GER @ Jugendhaus Raesfeld

07/05: Eindhoven,HOL @ Bar 51

07/06: Tessenderlo,BEL @ JH Tessloo

U.S. w/ Cold World and Iron Age

07/11: Boston, MA @ TBA

07/12: New York, NY @ Knitting Factory

07/13: Pittsburgh, PA @ Subculture

07/14: Baltimore, MD @ Talking Head

07/15: Harrisonburg, VA @ VFW Hall

07/16: Mauldin, SC @ Ximenos Skatepark

07/17: Orlando, FL @ Backbooth

07/18: Atlanta, GA @ Treehouse

07/19: Birmingham, AL @ Cave 9

07/20: Nashville, TN @ Muse

07/21: Dallas, TX @ Red Blood Club

07/22: San Antonio, TX @ Crossing

07/23: Tucson, AZ @ Living Room

07/25: Santa Barbara, CA @ Earl Warren Showgrounds @ Sound and Fury Festival

07/26: Santa Barbara, CA @ Earl Warren Showgrounds @ Sound and Fury Festival

07/27: Santa Barbara, CA @ Earl Warren Showgrounds @ Sound and Fury Festival

Europe w/Paint it Black

9/12: Arnhem/Netherlands @ The Stage

9/13: Linkoping/Sweden @ Deadfest

9/14: Hamburg/Germany @ Hafenlang

9/15: Berlin/Germany @ Cassiopeia

9/16: Prague/Czech Republic @ 007

9/17: Vienna/Austria @ Arena

9/18: Milan/Italy @ TBA

9/19: Stuttgart/Germany @ Juha West

9/20: Tilburg/Netherlands @ ZXZW Festival

9/21: Paris @ TBA

9/22: London/UK @ The Underworld

9/23: Newport/UK @ Le Pub

9/24: Manchester/UK @ Star & Garter

9/25: Leeds/UK @ Brudenell Social Club

9/26: Brighton/UK @ The Engine Room

9/27: Izegem/Belgium @ Ill Blood Fest

For more information, visit:

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Week Under The Influence

Minneapolis, MN - Unfortunately I was unable to purify myself in the waters of lake Minnetonka or witness a single drop of Purple Rain while we were in Minneapolis, but the food at the Triple Rock made up for it. We showed up to an empty venue with an incredibly easily excited promoter/sound guy eagerly awaiting our arrival. He promptly made it well aware that we would be taken care of in the bar and restaurant for the evening. He wasn't lying. After much consideration over a well stocked menu (and bar) I ordered a BBQ Po' Boy Sandwich and a pint of New Castle. I was on my second pint when my mountain of food arrived. I dug into the delicious barbecued mounds of chicken and potatoes immediately but pulled up shy just five bites deep into my meal. Something wasn't sitting right on my stomach. I would have to save my meal for after the set, but kept the Castles coming. At some point during the three opening bands we congregated in the van with a nice dreadlocked gentleman to raise the chalice to our lord and creator. We gave thanks and praises and parted ways with the shaman of the great white north and commenced to loading our equipment to the stage. A few short walks down a short hallway later we were checking our sound and sizing up the small crowd that had begun to gather in front of the stage. By the time we played, the crowd had substantially grown in size making the large room seem a little smaller and just a smidgeon more comfortable. The set ran smoothly and Victims went on after us and killed it as per usual. After the set I was ready to tackle the pile of food waiting for me behind the merch table. This time around I was able to put it down. Good food, good times.

Des Moines, IA -  As we pulled into downtown Des Moines behind The Victims I had a hard time believing that a hardcore show was about to go down. The city seemed too innocent for that. Everywhere you looked there was a couple, hands intertwined, accompanying each other to dinner or a movie. Then the punk happened. Both vans pulled into the alley to load gear and the antics began. We played soccer with a tuna can until the dolphin bits nearly came out. Our friends John and Jeff from Modern Life is War made the trip from Marshalltown to the gig and were a pleasant surprise. Jeff's goal was to get us fucked up. Mission: Possible. He kept the Jack and Cokes coming with no end in sight. Thanks Jeff. The first band had a hard time with their set and decided to call it a night after unsuccessfully starting their third song for the 5th time. Next up were two Australian bands who had come to the states to play a grind festival in Minnesota. I don't recall the name of the first band, but I distinctly remember the use of a wah pedal for vocals. Not kosher. The second band from down under fared a little better with me. Their set was on point and the vocalist really belted out the tunes (sans vocal effects). They're called Fuck I'm Dead. Check em out if you haven't already. After they finished, we brought our stuff to the stage and played a strange, yet fun show. Three punk girls stood at the front of the stage to the left and danced like disco maniacs for the entire set. During the Victims' set a PA speaker was knocked over onto the head of one of the punkers. She complained about it and I told her that it "sounded like a personal problem." She was bummed. After the show, the three punks circled the block several times hanging out of their car window blasting Limp Bizkit and thirsting for attention that we weren't prepared to give them. Once 1999 was over for the second time, Lee and Jeff MLIW joined me and my new friend Kevin for a short drive around downtown Des Moines. We enjoyed the sights, sounds and greenery that the small midwestern metropolis had to offer. 

Evansville, IN - The sights and sounds of Evansville, Indiana are a little muted, but just three short blocks from the venue you can satisfy all of your Faygo brand soda needs. If you find yourself in Evansville do yourself a favor and head on over to the Bonkerz convenience store to get any info you need on the gathering of the juggalos or any dark carnival inquiries you might have. I'm sure one of the clowns running the store will be more than happy to help you. Between the beer out back, familiar faces and friendly strangers our shows in this town are always a blast. Our buddy Dale came out with his son Dan O and a couple buddies who were ready to party the second they pulled in to the parking lot. I'm always up for a good time so we cut straight into the 100 proof vodka they had in tow and got the party under way.  The rest of the night was pretty hazy. I remember playing, but the details aren't very clear. I remember leaving but I don't remember falling asleep. Wild times.

Louisville, KY - There were no sluggers at this show, but there were a couple kids who found themselves thigh deep in the hardwood flooring during our set. This was also our last night of tour with Victims. We already miss them greatly and are looking forward to them returning to the states later this summer. Lords played this show and like the last time I saw them, almost deafened the whole room. After saying goodbye to the Victims dudes we made our way to a high school punk house where we partied into the early morning. 

Indianapolis, IN - This was our first show headed back towards the west coast for Rain Fest and  a pretty rad house show. The basement was packed and the walls were slippery with condensation for the whole night. During our set a pipe busted, spraying a good portion of the crowd with urine, feces and h20. Sucks to be them. 

St. Louis, MO - After waiting an hour for AAA to come jump start our battery, we arrived at the show as the first band was finishing their set.  Our good friend Devastator met us in the van with party favors and we got the party started. The show went really well and we made our way to Devastator's girlfriend's house for pizza and showers, where he rolled up several blunts for us and a blunt of Spice Gold (fake weed) for himself. We hit the road around 2 am and got into Wichita at around 9:30 this morning.


Thursday, May 15, 2008


After our Cleveland rager we made our way to Detroit. I've always wanted to go to Detroit and do some wild shit. Detroit has always seemed like a place where you can get away with anything. We got to the gig early and loaded in before Victims(which is pretty wild cause those dudes are on top of their shit). We played a place called The Magic Stick. It was a super cool venue. Right when we got inside we were greeted by some very nice people. This lady named Ramona(Sorry if I spelled that wrong) took very good care of us. I believe she books for Death Before Dishonor so our friend Benny gave her a call ahead of time and let her know we wanted to rage. They gave us some pizza and cases of beer. Which is always the best. This venue has a bowling alley attached to it so we bowled a few games before the gig. I don't know whose idea it was but the bowling teams ended up being black vs. white. I can't bowl worth shit. Spencer was throwing strikes every other turn it was an intense game. After bowling we made our way up to play. This venue is HUGE... Right when I walked in the first thing I thought was holy shit this is going to be pretty weird. I was wrong... The show was fucking awesome. The place filled out/kids packed up front/stage dives were in full effect. My goals for Detroit that night were to meet a gang of juggalos and light a trash can on fire. I didn't get to light a trash can on fire but I did meet a juggalo who goes by the name CLOSED CASKETS. Shout outs to him for making my night. After the gig we loaded out and met a bunch of rad homeless people from around the way. We had dudes singing songs and rappin. We tried to get some contact info so that we can hit em up for a possible release on TTC but they weren't feelin it. They just wanted some change. After we were all loaded up we decided to make the five hour drive to Chicago that night...

Our road warrior friend Nicholas Fit did the whole drive. I woke up and we were there. We stayed at Spencer's friends house. We always stay there when we go to Chicago. Staying there is always a breath of fresh air. Her house is super nice. It's some crazy penthouse with a deck that looks over Chicago. We didn't do shit before the Chicago show the next day except for lay around and catch up on some much needed rest. After hanging out all day we got in the van and headed to the gig at Ronny's. The venue was cool. The show was originally supposed to be at a place called Reggie's Live but since Coliseum dropped off a few of the dates it got moved to Ronny's. I was told that Ronny's never does all ages shows so it was pretty cool that they made it work for Victims and us. They gave us a bunch of drink tickets and we got fucked up. The show was cool it was a wild mix of people. Shows like that are always the best. Three songs into our set I dove off of some speaker and landed flat on my back with the mic directly under me. It didn't feel to good. Luckily the sound guy was cool about his mic grill being smashed and only charged us 15 bucks. After the show Spencer and I were sitting at the bar hanging out when we met a dude named Dillion. He owns a cab company called Emperor cabs based out of Chicago. We started talking about touring, weed, guitar cabs and overall cool shit. After hanging out for a few he offered Spencer a mushroom chocolate. Of course Spencer took it and within a few hours he would be feeling the wrath of it. We hung out for a few then loaded up the van and headed back to Spencer's friends apartment. I'm not going to speak on what happened at the apartment. I'll just say that the mushroom chocolate Spencer ate was in full effect and sent him into another world. It was entertaining to watch. The next morning we woke up early and headed down to the Emperor shop to check it out and smoke some blunts with our dude Dillion. It's a crazy spot in a basement. The place has everything you can possibly imagine. We smoked a blunt and a bowl topped off with some keif. I don't really remember much after leaving the shop because I was so high. I just know that we had some good Chicago deep dish pizza. After eating we headed back to the house and picked up the rest of the dudes and made our way to the show in Milwaukee, WI.

I made the drive to Milwaukee. I drove like shit because 1. I don't have my license and 2. I was still pretty high from all of our adventures earlier that day. We showed up the show right before doors and loaded our gear in. The place was a cool art space. This band High On Crime played. I believe it was their singers last show with them before he moves to San Francisco so tons of people came out. My friend Jesse from Berkeley, CA moved to Wisconsin a few months ago to go to school. He came out to the show so that was cool because I haven't seen him in awhile. It's always good to catch up with old friends. After all the gear was inside and the merch was set up Spencer and I made our way down to the liquor store to get some forties. The liquor store had some good prices. 2 dollars out the door. We headed back to the show with our forties and drank them in the Victims van right before we played. I was already feeling like shit all day from that deep dish pizza and all of that weed. I caught a horrible taste in the back of my mouth from that King Cobra forty and I knew I was going to throw up any minute. 5 minutes before we played I hit the bathroom. The second the door shut I started puking everywhere. It was a gross throw up session filled with deep dish pizza and King Cobra. I got through it and hit the stage. The show was wild. A bunch of coremen came out and raged the place. Victims played after us and killed it. They blew some fuses from raging the place so hard. After the show was over we loaded up, said our goodbyes and got on the road heading towards Minnesota. We made it about 15 minutes down the highway before we realized no one wanted to drive so we stopped and got a hotel. We all caught some good sleep and showers. I am currently sitting in this hotel room waiting for everyone to finish up their bullshit so we can get out of here. I just had a waffle downstairs at the breakfast station in the lobby. It was the best waffle I have ever made. I always burn my waffles and fuck them up so I'm siked right now. Good waffle making=The start of a good day....

The show tonight is in Minnesota.. See you there..

Hope all is well with you..


Monday, May 12, 2008

Cleveland Rocks!

After our beer/blunt-filled last night in Boston, we began the 10 hour trek to Cleveland, making a much appreciated breakfast pit stop at Ashley's house in Pittsburgh. We showed up on her porch rain soaked and hungry, but left full, rested and relatively dry.

We had only been on the road for twenty minutes when we realized that our roadie Jason T. didn't have the gumption to drive above 55 in the rain. Being that we had to make a near 5 hour drive in approximately 4 hours, something had to be done about that. We stopped for gas and I commandeered the wheel. We were soon back up to speed and with the help of our newly acquired GPS (that for some reason wanted to show us the wonders of the back roads of Ohio) we made it to the first show of the night... roughly 3 minutes before our set.

We rushed down the tiny stairs into the boggy marsh of a bar the show was being held in, set up and began our set. The venue was tiny and the show ruled. A half an hour later we were running back up those tiny stairs to the van so we could get to the second show of the night. In 15 minutes we were pulling up to Peabody's and scrambling out of the van to load our gear in. We were slated to play from 7 to 7:30 but the time was already 7:40 and the sound guy didn't seem to give two shits about letting us play the show. Luckily, we were able to convince him to let us set up after Victims and play a short set. As soon as Victims finished playing, I hopped on stage to begin setting my gear up. Done. That's when it hit me. Where the fuck is my bass? I hit the ground running like a chicken with its head cut off trying to find it. I looked in every corner of the club, to no avail. Time was ticking. In order to save time, I used Johan's (Victims) bass and plugged in. 13 short minutes later we were tearing down and loading off the stage. That's when the party started.

Blunts were being offered from all sides and there were 40s of High Life waiting for us upstairs. Once we were sufficiently inebriated we began to explore the venue. We found the second room. I don't even know how to describe what was going on in there. I initially walked in to a breakdown and some guy who looked much like Marvel comics villain, Kingpin, rapping(?) and screaming. It was a little too much for me and I had to leave the room. Keeping in mind what I had just seen, I made sure to wander back to that room periodically throughout the night as a source of amusement... and amused I was.

After we loaded out, we made our way to a pizza joint around the corner from the venue for some slices. Don't eat at Rascal House pizza in Cleveland. My pizza sucked, my soda sucked and everyone else's pizza looked sucky. The slices were cold and my root beer may as well have been in Bozo the Clown's trick bottle because it was nearly all soda water. We then left the city into the beautiful suburb of Medina, Ohio to sleep. Sleep was good.

On to Waffle House.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


We did a video interview the other night after our show in Boston.. It is for a new Northeast based blog called World Moves Fast.. They will be doing a bunch of interviews with bands when they come into town. Check it out.. Theres info on the record, current legal issues, our love for trees and tons of other random bullshit..

Hope all is will with you..


Wednesday, May 7, 2008



this is my first blog post in trash talk. you'll hear from me from time to time. so the rest of the dudes came down to richmond and practiced with me for a few days. it went really really well. shout outs to HEATHEN for letting us use the practice space for a few days. after chillin in richmond for a few days we made our way to philly to chill with our boy mook at his huuuge house party. shit was wiiild, like so wild. mook was smokin fools, dudes were pulling knives. his roommate had a golf club, straight swingin on fools. the next morning we woke up early and headed to Brooklyn, NY to start our tour with Coliseum and Victims. The show was awesome. tons of kids came out from Long Island, and Brick, NJ. BRICKTOOOWWWNNN SHORE STYLE. The show seemed like it was at some weird ass goth club, and the lighting was blood red and the people that ran the club were so weird. They were straight polish mobsters. they were nice enough though. after the show, we were loading the van and got a parking ticket. 2 lil bitch ass cops that looked 16 yrs old tried to punk us but they didnt want nooone. after that, we went to a 24hr spot and ate food, and it was too wild, i had to eat outside. that night we stayed in bushwick with Zed, the other dudes know him from back home. all i can say is dude is on another planet. the next day, we went into the city and ate pizza and red bamboo. when we met up with the rest of the dudes we looked inside and haley from paramore and chad from NFG were inside eating, it was kind of cool. after we left NYC, we made our way to Providence, R.I. and played at club hell. the show was really weird, but cool. some dude jumped off the monitor and grabbed the disco ball and broke it on the floor and nick fit had glass in his britches. they gave us way to many drink tickets at this gig. the dudes had a blast. on the drive to boston after the gig we had to pull over to let spencer throw up. he wasn't doing to well so we left him in the van to get some much needed rest. we stayed with nick fit's old homie from jersey and partied a little more and stayed up till about 5 something playing GTA4. that game is sooo intense. we woke up about 12, and chucky edge came over and we went out and walked around and ate pizza, then we drove to the gig. we loaded in before coliseum....ummm thats so wild since those dudes show up super early before the gigs. our set was cool, some core men came out and set it off. we did a video interview for kris mission's new video interview website. it should be up pretty soon. P boy of new lows fame conducted the interview guest appearances from the lockin out crew. we said some wild shit.. some realll wild shit. you'll see soon enough. be sure to check out their website and keep your eyes open for that..

so about canada.. as all of you probably know by now we have been having some legal issues lately. one of our members still has an open case that is being dealt with. we were not able to get across the border with that going on it just couldnt happen. the us/canadian border is one of the most strict things ever. if you have a criminal record or anything going on like that they arent having it. we are super bummed because i know tt has never made it up into eastern canada. after all of this legal shit smooths over we will make up the gigs we had to cancell. I know the dudes are tryin to smoke that wild canada tree. it seems like we have had to cancel a bunch of gigs because all of this bullshit but it is almost over with and it will be over with just in time for europe in june(details coming soon). right now we are chillin in chedges house about to go catch a mind eraser gig at the midway cafe in boston. we will prolly be playin some gigs around the area this week. keep your eyes peeled we are liable to pop(a head) up anywhere.

for now, thats all i got. check the dates and if we are in your area, come see us. bring that ill shit for the other dudes, and lots of alcohol. as for me, just bring me brownies, cookies, cupcakes, pizza, steaks, and ribs.

one love, no peace.