Friday, November 27, 2009

UK Style

'Ello World! Today marks the second day of our United Kingdom barnstorming sessions with Gallows and Sharks. Check out the dates and come party with us! We feel a little left out being that we have a two word name, but I think we'll be alright. Last night's gig set the tone for a fun-filled few weeks and we can't wait to get back on stage and piss off more limey "sound engineers." So far the food we've consumed on this UK excursion has gone above and beyond any and all foodstuffs we've encountered on previous trips across the pond. Let's hope it continues on the up and up. Thanks to those of you who pre-ordered the vinyl version of Shame from TTC. They will be shipped once we get back to the Best Coast of the best country in the free world: the good ol' USA.

(No) Peace,

Monday, November 16, 2009


First off, sorry for lagging on the blog updates. The last few weeks have been super hectic. Don't worry though! There is tons of new shit going on in the TT camp. So let's get started...

SHAME(Trash Talk Collective/Hassle Records)

We have a new CD titled "Shame" that just came out today in the UK on our new home over there.. Hassle Records. Shame is a 30 Track Double Disc CD containing 4 of our previous releases(Walking Disease *Sold Out*, Plagues *Sold Out*, S/T *Sold Out* and East Of Eden *Sold Out*). Instead of repressing all of those records separately we decided it would be better to just throw them all on one release. Hassle has a CD/T shirt bundle for this release available for order on their website. Check it out: Hassle Records The vinyl version of "Shame" is now up for pre order through our label(Trash Talk Collective) on our website. Check it out: Shame Vinyl Pre Order The vinyl version of this release comes with HQ-180 gram vinyl, album footnotes, a full size poster and tons of extras. Pick it up now while you can! They are going fast.

UK tour with Gallows & Sharks/Mainland Euro shows starts soon

We are leaving for the UK in a few days. This year has been insane with traveling. It feels like we are flying out of the country every other week. We aren't complaining though. We can't wait to get back to the UK and experience a real cold winter. California is not even close to as cold during November/December. We are going to be over there for Thanksgiving.. Someone hook us up with a hot home made meal so we can feel like we aren't missing out on that much back in the states. The first show of our UK tour is on Nov 25th(The day before we start our UK tour with Gallows/Sharks) at The Barfly in Camden. The show is FUCKED UP/TRASH TALK/THROATS/Gallows DJing the after party. You should come out to the show if you live in the London area. It's going to be a wild one. We will also be playing a few of our own headlining shows in the UK on our days off from the Gallows/Sharks tour. One of those shows is the Rock Sound Magazine/Hassle Records/Holy Roar Records Christmas Party on Dec 15th at The Buffalo Bar in London. Rumor has it if you dress up like Santa you will be blessed with some pretty cool shit. Make it happen. After all of that UK wildness we will be making a stop in Ireland for one show in Dublin then we're off to the Mainland to play four shows. All of the dates/details for that tour are below:

11/25/2009 - London @ The Barfly w/ Fucked Up & Throats *Gallows DJing the after party*

11/26/2009 - Northampton @ Roadmender w/ Gallows & Sharks -

11/27/2009 - Coventry @ Kasbah w/ Gallows & Sharks -

11/28/2009 - Liverpool @ Academy 2 w/ Gallows & Sharks

11/29/2009 - Aberdeen @ EX Moshulu w/ Gallows & Sharks -

11/30/2009 - Dundee @ Fat Sams w/ Gallows & Sharks -

12/01/2009 - Glasgow @ 13th Note*

12/02/2009 - Middlesbrough @ Empire

12/03/2009 - York @ Duchess w/ Gallows & Sharks -

12/04/2009 - Stoke @ Sugarmill w/ Gallows & Sharks -

12/05/2009 - Derby @ The Bell w/ Gallows & Sharks -

12/06/2009 - Leeds @ Rios

12/07/2009 - Newport @ TJs w/ Gallows & Sharks -

12/08/2009 - Exeter @ Lemon Grove w/ Gallows & Sharks -

12/09/2009 - Falmouth @ Pavillions w/ Gallows & Sharks -

12/10/2009 - Bournemouth @ Old Fire Station w/ Gallows & Sharks -

12/11/2009 - Ipswitch @ Tba*

12/12/2009 - Kingston @ The Peel w/ Gallows & Sharks SOLD OUT

12/13/2009 - Colchester @ Arts Centre w/ Gallows & Sharks SOLD OUT

12/14/2009 - Cambridge @ Junction w/ Gallows & Sharks -

12/15/2009 - London @ The Buffalo Bar w/ Betty Pariso *Rock Sound Magazine/Hassle Records/Holy Roar Records Christmas party*

12/16/2009 - Dublin @ Exchange (Ireland)*

12/17/2009 - Gent @ The Frontline (Belgium)*

12/18/2009 - Tilburg @ Little Devil (Netherlands)*

12/19/2009 - Neustadt an der Orla @ Exil (Germany)*

12/20/2009 - Bochum @ Matrix (Germany)*

* Headlining Shows w/o Gallows & Sharks

And last but not least we just finished recording a new LP..

So one of the many reasons we have been off the grid lately is because we have been locked up in the studio with Joby Ford working on our new LP titled "Eyes & Nines". The record is now in the mixing stages and should be done pretty soon. We are all really stoked on this record. It's been awhile since we released our last LP so we have been itching to get out a new full release. I know everyone always says this but this is our best shit to date. There are tons of crazy suprises/wild shit going on all over it. I posted some photos while we were in the studio on our twitter. Check those out and follow us for updates on everything. This record will be out sometime early next year. Keep your eyes and ears open for more details on that as they come in...

That's all we have for right now. If you live in Europe we will be seeing you within the next few weeks. If you live in the U.S./Australia/New Zealand/Japan/Hella other places you'll have to wait till next year. Hope all is well. Over & out.

Love always,

Trash Talk