Thursday, October 30, 2008

Catching up on tour...

I was rushed out of the hotel the other day when I was trying to catch up on tour blogging. We are now in Atlanta, GA chillin before the gig tonight and we have some time so i figured I would get caught up as much as I can before we have to leave again. SOOOOOO after the show in Albany, NY we played Boston, MA at the ICC Church. KM booked the gig and it was fucking rad. He always hooks us up there. It's a good feeling to know you're going to be taken care of when you come through a city. The Boston show was the first of three shows we did with NEW LOWS. I'm hyped they did those shows with us cause they fucking rip. They played some new songs and they were fucking heavy. If you are sleeping on NEW LOWS you need to wake up. We decided to play on the floor at the church and it was cool. I'm glad we did that. Here are some pictures from the gig. Check them out..

After Boston we made our way to Long Island, NY. We hadn't played LI in about a year so I was super stoked on getting back there. It was also our friend Hernik's birthday show and I'm always down to rage a friends birthday show. The show was also in a backyard in about 40 degree freezing weather. Kids had to slam around to stay warm. It was a gnarly gig. We showed up super late and missed SHORT END and BACKTRACK which bummed me the fuck out cause I need to see those bands. Good LI dudes making good hard LI jams. Get with it. This backyard show went by pretty fast. The cops came and told us we had to hurry up so we jammed through it as quick as we can. Here is a video of the set. Check it out for yourself....

Edison, New Jersey was up next. It was our roady NICK FIT'S and our good friend ALAN'S birthday show. The line up was fucking rad. it was BAD SEED/ALPHA & OMEGA/NEW LOWS/SPANISH BOMBS/WAR HUNGRY/CRUEL HAND/TRASH TALK. You have to set up an ill line up for fit's bday show. Every band fucking killed it. The show was raging. We decided to play on the floor again cause doing stuff like that is rad. It was by far our craziest NJ show yet. Kids were diving off of anything and everything. Here are some photos check it out...

Baltimore, MD the next day was fucking rad. The show was at CCAS which is a super small art space. Everyone packed in. People were bleeding. I was bleeding. I tried to rip down the ceiling but it didn't work out in my favor. Instead my hands are just bashed up now. Bracewar played the gig and I haven't seen them in awhile so it was cool to see them gig and just hang out. The show went by pretty quick and I don't remember much from that night so who knows. After the show we made the drive down to Richmond, VA where our drummer Rashod lives. If there is one thing I know it is that going home for a few hours in the middle of a long tour is a straight tease. It fucking sucks. Go sleep in your bed for about 5 hours of great sleep then get back into hell mode. I don't like doing that but rashod loves it so who knows. The show in Richmond was cool. A bunch of homies came out to hang. It was nice seeing some people I haven't seen in awhile. Shout outs to Trapped Under Ice. Naysayer played the RVA gig and they are one of the hardest new bands out. My boy gary sings for that band. Solid dude/solid jams. Check them out. You will not regret it. After richmond we played Johnson City, TN. We played JC on our last u.s. tour with Cold World/Iron Age and it was raging so we were all super eager to get back there. Johnson City did not dissapoint. It's close to halloween so people were dressed up moshing around. Here is a picture of a flying twink from that show. Check it...

After JC was north carolina. We hadn't been to NC in over a year. The last time we were there was with the Mongoloids/Cruel Hand we played this ill skatepark with a plywood stage/barbwire fence surrounding the stage. It looked like a scene straight out of a biohazard video. The venue wasn't as cool this time around but the show was way better. Kids from all over NC/SC came out. A&O killed it. We have been on tour with them for a few weeks now and watching them never gets old. I love that band. That's all for now. I am caught up on the blog ! I won't fall behind this time I promise. We are heading out of the house right now to go play tonights gig in atlanta. If you live in the area you should be there. FC 5 is playing and they came from a long ways away so you should come support them. Shout outs to Daiki. See you all soon.

Heres the flyer for tonight... Be there..



Wednesday, October 29, 2008

We are slackers

We have been slackin on the blog. A lot has happened since that last gig in Peoria, IL. The day after Peoria we played Bloomington, IN in a basement. The gig was going wild. Tons of kids packed in a basement raging. Then out of nowhere I was looking through people and it looked like someone had a super soaker and they were spraying everyone in the back of this basement. I was wrong. What actually happened was a main water pipe in this basement broke. Within 2 minutes we were all ankle deep in water. The basement started flooding fast. Kids were taking off their shirts trying to wrap up this pipe to stop it from spraying everywhere but it wasn't working out for them. We eventually stopped and asked the owner of the house if we should keep playing because by this time the water was getting deep. The owner of the house replied with something along the lines of "fuck yeah man tear it up" haha so we kept giggin. We got through maybe one more song before all of the power in this house went out. 100 people crammed in a flooding basement with no lights or power. Complete chaos. I think some wild dude started slapping people in the dark the second the power went out which is a really wild fucking style. Dark slapping is some epic shit. Luckily all the kids from the show helped us get our gear up and out of the basement before anything was ruined. After the basement show we bought some weed off of a wild dude who lived next door. He invited us over to join him on his 67845239412 foot glass bong. It was epic to say the least. The next day we played Cleveland, OH. A bunch of our friends came out to hang so it was rad to see all of them. The gig was gnarly too. We played on the floor at Now That's Class. Kids packed in and yelled at me. I yelled back. After the Cleveland show we had a 8 hour drive to New York. Our road dog Nick Fit held it down once again on that drive. We arrived in Brooklyn, NY around 9 in the morning. We went straight to our friend Alan's house. He put us up for the night. We had a bunch of errands to run that day in New York to get ready for our wild 3 shows in 1 day adventure. We scrambled around the city all day then finally made it to the 1st of the three giggers in NYC that night. The first show was at Club Europa in Brooklyn. Black Anvil played and they ripped. That band rules so you should check them out if you get a chance. Alpha & Omega ripped it after them. We have been on tour with A&O for a few weeks now and watching them never gets old. We played after A&O. I sang on the floor because the stage at Club Europa is about 10 feet tall and pretty awkward. The gig was rad. There weren't many people there but the ones who did come out were raging with me. I broke some bottles on the floor and stomped around in glass for a few songs. After the show I answered some questions for Rolling Stone Magazine. I thought that was a pretty weird/cool thing. Who knows. Right when the Club Europa show was over we had about 30 minutes to make it to the 2nd show of the night at the 538 Johnson Loft in Brooklyn. We loaded up fast and jammed over there. We loaded in our gear as fast as we can and gigged the gig. My friend George from the bay area was at the show. It was rad to see him. He is in New York causing mischief. I'm glad he found time in his chaotic night to come chill with us. The 538 show was rad. A bunch of kids from the Club Europa show jammed over to this show which was rad. A few kids went to all three of the shows that night which is next level rad. The 538 show was a Fundraiser show for the show space. They do a lot for that area so I figured it would be rad to try to help them out too. After the 538 show we had ANOTHER quick gear loading party. Once the van was all set we made our way over to the final show of the night at Fontana's in New York City. This last show was by far the wildest gigger of the night. The place was sold out. Our friend Derek put on the gig. It was a CMJ Showcase show which was pretty cool to be apart of. Akimbo played first and I feel like I got high just watching them. They shredded the place. We were up after them. I don't think half of the people at this place knew what to expect from us. We went straight into it hard. Kids were diving all over random show goers. Peoples beers were being knocked out of their hands by tons of slamming punkers. It was sick. I love playing these kind of shows. The kind of shows where you take tons of people completely off guard. It's like they don't know what hit them and they just stand there with their jaw dropped. We broke a bunch of shit and got through the set. After us The Bronx got up and ripped the place apart. The Bronx frontman is a wild dude on and off stage. I love it. He had some ill stage moves that were wild. He was on top of people more than he was on the floor. I can respect that. They sounded on point too. All in all the gig was fucking sick. After the show we loaded up the van AGAIN and made our way back to our friend Alan's house. We probably should have went to sleep but instead we went and bought some forties. That's the beauty of NYC. They don't stop selling beer ever. I got really drunk and passed out somewhere in Alan's house. I woke up with a bleeding head and a pounding headache. It was 100% worth it. We pulled off 3 shows in 1 day which is something I have always wanted to do. The next show was in Albany, NY. We have never been upstate before so I didn't know what to expect. We were welcomed with open arms. It was rad. They have a good thing going on up there. Everyone seems genuinely stoked on punk/hardcore. Our friend Bob Shedd came out to hang. He lives up there now and I didn't even know it so it was a pleasant surprise when he came out of nowhere. I did a audio interview that night for a webzine. Check it out here:

We are in a hotel RIGHT NOW in Tennessee and they are kicking us out because check out was awhile ago. I'll be back on here later tonight to finish this story. Boston, MA/
Dix Hills, NY/Edison, NJ/Baltimore, MD/Richmond, VA and Johnson City, Tn were all insane so I have some wild shit to type out tonight. For now go listen to that Audio Interview. You probably can't understand much of what I am saying because I mumble too much but whatever it works. Hope all is well. See you soon.



Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sr. Harm S. Way

One week has gone by since we left for our tour with Alpha and Omega. Though its only been 7 days I can tell early on that this is going to be a dope tour. San Diego was a fucking mess but with the help of Andy(ETID convict looking guitarist) we were able to play 5 songs. If you haven't seen Trash Talk before that means eh something like 4 minutes or less. Thanks to all the kids that came out to the Soma and set it off for all of the bands despite of our technical difficulties. Fresno was the shit. Back on the scene with a new guitar the show was awesome. Peace to Chris and all of the kids that came out. After Fresno was Sacramento. The show was booked at a venue called the Boardwalk. Being from Sacramento we have always had a hate/hate relationship with that place. We played there for the first time a while back with Bane and Outbreak and the show was dope. We all had a good time but the management was so bummed on how the venue got "Trashed" and Lee constantly jumping off of the stage. So after our set Tuesday Lee was not to be let back in the venue therefore banning Trash Talk from the only venue left in Sacramento. How is that for a hometown. Tuesday also marked the last day that we would be hitting the stage with Every Time I Die. If you haven't gotten into it doit. I cant think of another band that goes so wild and sounds that on point every second of their set. Thanks to all of those dudes Biggie,Zack,Andy,Keith,Jordan,Josh,Mike for letting us do our thing.

After Sac we had a 18 hour drive to Denver. Our guy Memphis had the ill Punk house on deck. The show was in a garage and was fucking wild as shit. Hands down the best Denver show we have played. After that was Lincoln Nebraska. We were playing a place called the Box Awesome but the show was moved to a house at the last minute and I'm so glad it did. We got there and walked down some grime staircase to this ill basement full of kids going nuts soaked with sweat and beer. Our dude Hector set up the tattoo booth and broke some kids off with tattoos in the living room. Hes cheap and good and the homie so if ur planing on coming to a gig fuck with him.

Our next gig was Colombia Missouri. We got there mad early beacuse we had to shoot some photos for this press thing which turned into us drinking 40's and smoking blunts for a few hours till show time. The show was off the hook and mad kids rolled out from everywhere. Out dude Devastator fell thru with the blunts as usual and shit got loose.
After the show we went to our dude Gabe's tattoo shop for more beer pizza and tattoos.
If you are ever in Colombia stop by Hollywood Rebels Tattoos.

This brings me to last night. I don't really have shit to say but HARMS WAY.
My dude is not to be fucked with no joke. Click this link with caution Peace to Peoria for the dopest show of the tour so far and the Nacho's for holding it down on the jams. Post show pizza,beer and apparently me being drunk and reckless has my headache game so on point..
Thanks guys..

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Thanks to Kyle,Hilary and everyone at Thrasher Magazine.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

And so it begins...

We are all sitting at our friend Joe Harders house in Reseda, CA about to set off on yet another wild adventure. 36 shows in 34 days not including radio sets and whatever else comes up out of nowhere. We have been crazy busy as of late so this blog hasn't been getting the attention it deserves but with the start of this tour that will all change. Wild blog posts coming soon. We just finished up a European tour with Paint It Black about 2 weeks ago and it was gnarly. Good times all around. I can't wait to get back to Europe. Paint It Black kills. Get with it. Our bass player Spencer is not going to be able to come out on tour with us this time around cause he has some shit he needs to handle on the home front. Our good friend Kellen will be filling in on Bass duties for the month. Say what's up to him. All of the backed up merch orders from our webstore have been sent out. We are all really sorry for the delay on that shit but we have been swamped with tons of shit lately so thanks for your patience. We now have someone who is going to be handling all of our web store orders while we are out on the road. Everyone who ordered something got a note with a coupon for 15% off on your next order in the TT web store. You should all be seeing your packages any day now. We will also be dropping some CRAZY new web store shit within the next few weeks. Shirts/Zines/Tapes/Records etc.. so keep an eye out for all of that shit. That's all for now. The first show of this Fall U.S. tour is tonight in San Diego with Every Time I Die. Hopefully we will see you all there...



October 12th - San Diego, CA @ Soma
October 13th - Fresno, CA @ The Exit
October 14th - Sacramento, CA @ The Boardwalk
October 15th - Denver, CO @ Rock And Roll Grill
October 16th - Lincoln, NE @ Box Awesome
October 17th - Columbia, MO @ Sapphire Lounge
October 18th - Peoria, IL @ The Meeting House
October 19th - Bloomington, IN @ The 300 House
October 20th - Cleveland, OH @ Now That's Class
October 21st - Brooklyn, NY @ Club Europa(6:00 PM CMJ SHOW)
October 21st - Brooklyn, NY @ 538 Johnson(9:30 PM SHOW 538 FUNDRAISER SHOW)
October 21st - New York City, NY @ Fontana's(10:30 PM CMJ SHOW)(no A&O on this gig)
October 22nd - Latham, NY @ The Landing Zone
October 23rd - Boston, MA @ ICC Church
October 24th - Dix Hills, NY @ The Doghouse
October 25th - Edison, NJ @ Stelton Baptist Church
October 26th - Baltimore, MD @ Charm City Artspace
October 27th - Richmond, VA @ Alley Katz
October 28th - Johnson City, TN @ The Hideaway
October 29th - Raleigh, NC @ The Brewery
October 30th - Atlanta, GA @ The Shop
October 31st - Jacksonville, FL @ The Pit
November 1st - Miami, FL @ The Dogpound
November 2nd - Tampa, FL @ Transitions
November 3rd - Mobile, AL @ American Legion Post 33
November 4th - Tupelo, MS @ Lifes Blood Skateshop
November 5th - Memphis, TN @ The Smith Seven House
November 6th - Tulsa, OK @ The Pinkeye
November 7th - Dallas, TX @ TBA
November 8th - Austin, TX @ FUN FUN FUN FEST (no A&O on this date)
November 9th - Austin, TX @ FUN FUN FUN FEST (no A&O on this date)
November 10th - Phoenix, AZ @ The Phix
November 11th - San Diego, CA @ Che Cafe
November 12th - Riverside, CA @ The Paroahs Den
November 13th - Santa Barbara, CA @ Casa De Raza
November 14th - Berkeley, CA @ 924 Gilman