Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sr. Harm S. Way

One week has gone by since we left for our tour with Alpha and Omega. Though its only been 7 days I can tell early on that this is going to be a dope tour. San Diego was a fucking mess but with the help of Andy(ETID convict looking guitarist) we were able to play 5 songs. If you haven't seen Trash Talk before that means eh something like 4 minutes or less. Thanks to all the kids that came out to the Soma and set it off for all of the bands despite of our technical difficulties. Fresno was the shit. Back on the scene with a new guitar the show was awesome. Peace to Chris and all of the kids that came out. After Fresno was Sacramento. The show was booked at a venue called the Boardwalk. Being from Sacramento we have always had a hate/hate relationship with that place. We played there for the first time a while back with Bane and Outbreak and the show was dope. We all had a good time but the management was so bummed on how the venue got "Trashed" and Lee constantly jumping off of the stage. So after our set Tuesday Lee was not to be let back in the venue therefore banning Trash Talk from the only venue left in Sacramento. How is that for a hometown. Tuesday also marked the last day that we would be hitting the stage with Every Time I Die. If you haven't gotten into it doit. I cant think of another band that goes so wild and sounds that on point every second of their set. Thanks to all of those dudes Biggie,Zack,Andy,Keith,Jordan,Josh,Mike for letting us do our thing.

After Sac we had a 18 hour drive to Denver. Our guy Memphis had the ill Punk house on deck. The show was in a garage and was fucking wild as shit. Hands down the best Denver show we have played. After that was Lincoln Nebraska. We were playing a place called the Box Awesome but the show was moved to a house at the last minute and I'm so glad it did. We got there and walked down some grime staircase to this ill basement full of kids going nuts soaked with sweat and beer. Our dude Hector set up the tattoo booth and broke some kids off with tattoos in the living room. Hes cheap and good and the homie so if ur planing on coming to a gig fuck with him.

Our next gig was Colombia Missouri. We got there mad early beacuse we had to shoot some photos for this press thing which turned into us drinking 40's and smoking blunts for a few hours till show time. The show was off the hook and mad kids rolled out from everywhere. Out dude Devastator fell thru with the blunts as usual and shit got loose.
After the show we went to our dude Gabe's tattoo shop for more beer pizza and tattoos.
If you are ever in Colombia stop by Hollywood Rebels Tattoos.

This brings me to last night. I don't really have shit to say but HARMS WAY.
My dude is not to be fucked with no joke. Click this link with caution Peace to Peoria for the dopest show of the tour so far and the Nacho's for holding it down on the jams. Post show pizza,beer and apparently me being drunk and reckless has my headache game so on point..
Thanks guys..

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