Thursday, August 27, 2009

Nottingham Sans Sherriff

Space Jam's on the telly, Thrasher: Skate & Destroy's in the PS2 tray, and my head's filled with cobwebs and the last lingering bubbles from last night's cider filled pre-birthday celebration. Between ciders and doobies, we managed to play a set at Nottingham, England's Old Angel Inn. Despite the inconveniences of the mildly wet, dual landing stair sets we had to fight to load in (big ups to Closure for letting us use cabs) , the show went off surprisingly well. The set was a fun-filled, sweat and no tears extravaganza marked by a one man wet t-shirt contest, front flips straight to the floor, mouth-fulls of Limey fingers, christ-like hovering , and much more. Just before load out, the scene was set: Scattered amongst battered beer cans and cocktail spills, waffled footprints led in all directions, giving indication of the melee that had just occurred. A good mopping later, none wil be the wiser.


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