Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The South.. VA/NC/GA..

The last few days have been crazy to say the least. The show at The Norva in Norfolk, VA was rad. We have never been to that part of Virginia before so it was good to finally get out there. Punks, Skins and Hardcore kids slammed around together. The way it should be. The venue we played at was on some next level shit. None of us have ever seen anything like that in our lives. They had a three story backstage area fully equipped with a hot tub, sauna, big screen tv's, plush chilling areas, a basketball court and a million other things that a venue should not have. Of course we took full advantage of all of that. Did some cannon balls into the hot tub and beat the shit out of the casualties/leftover crack in basketball. Go team TT. After the show in Norfolk we packed up the gear and our roady Nick Fit held down the drive through out the night to Charlotte, NC. We had a big day ahead of us in Charlotte. Garrett's brother Corey was getting married. It's weird how it worked out so perfect. The day we play Charlotte, NC his brother just so happens to be getting married in that city. We got into Charlotte at around 9 am but there was no time to sleep. We had a wedding to set up haha. We turned into wedding decorators and caterers in the blink of an eye. Bartender Spencer was serving up the drinks all day long. The wedding was awesome and we got to meet ALL of Garrett's family which was rad. We all had a blast. Shout outs to the newly weds. After the wedding we played a show at the Tremont in Charlotte. We hadn't played NC in a little over a year so we were all eager to gig. The show went off. There was a tiny barrier but it didn't seem to matter. Who can't jump over a 3 foot gap? Our homie Memphis came out to party. It was good seeing him. It's been awhile. After the gig we did the usual Waffle House stop and then made our way back to Corey's house to pass out after our long day of being wedding planners/a band. We had the day after the Charlotte show off so we just chilled out and tried to catch up on some much needed rest. After the sleepathon we made our way down to ATL for our show at The Masquerade. Trash Talk has played The Masq before at the Scion Metal Fest but I had to sit that one out due to having my knee cap broken in half so it was cool to finally make it there. The show went off. Security didn't really know what to do. It was a good one. One thing that I always remember about ATL is that it is way too fucking hot. We are from California where it is also a million degrees in the summer but this is some next level shit. ATL hot is the kind of hot that makes you want to die. The Leftover Crack set last night was hilarious. Sturgeon was hammered and his stage antics were at an all time high. We love Atlanta and we can't wait to get back. Right now I'm sitting on the floor getting ready to head out to Jacksonville, FL for our show their tonight. We haven't been to FL in awhile so it's time to party. More updates/stories from the road coming soon. Keep checking back. Come out to a show and say what's up. Let's get weird. See you soon.


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