Sunday, June 21, 2009


We are in Florida right now and its crazy hot. It's a different kind of hot than we are used to in California. Everything is sticky and you can't escape the heat. The best part about this heat is it makes everyone want to hit the pool non stop. We just got done having a nice morning time pool party. The last few days here have been rad. Thanks to anyone who came out to any of the FL shows.. Hopefully we can make it back down here soon. Now it's time to head to New Orleans. None of us have ever been out that way before so it's party time. After New Orleans we will be spending a few days in the great state of Texas. Hopefully we will be seeing you if you live in the area. For anyone wondering what's up with our new single 7" East Of Eden it has shipped and is now available for free download. We are seriously super sorry for the delay on getting this out to you guys. We had a lot of mix ups at the pressing plant and it took longer than expected to get everything together but everything is good now and it is on it's way to your door step. You can download the single from our myspace or our website at the East of Eden link for FREE. We also have a new lyrics page on our site for all of you mushmouthers. Thanks for your continuous support. It means a lot.

Lee and the TTC Gang

Go download East Of Eden right now for FREE:

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cool! i was allready wondering where my 7" is.