Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hurricanes and Handgrenades

The last few shows of this tour have been the hottest shows I have ever played in my life. The Pharaoh's Den heat has nothing on Sluggos heat. I felt like my arms were coming closer to melting every time I hit a drum or cymbal. Props to those who came out to the hottest shows in the world, Sluggos in Pensacola and The Dragon's Den in New Orleans. Both shows were awesome. We are driving to Houston today to start the Texan portion of the tour. We are playing some cities we havnt played before. We are all siked, Texas is always a great time!

Now here is a top ten things that currently rule for you :

1. Summertime.
2. Drunk bear at the pool in NOLA who pulled his wang out then fell asleep.
3. Hand Grenades
4. Vegan pastrami ruben and vegan cheesy mashed potatoes from Sluggos kitchen... fucking unreal good.
5. The Casualties' merch guy Johnny's hair. that's him.Sexy.
6. Brad Logan.
7. NOLA Voo Doo shops.
8. Raw Nerves from Portland, OR
9. Extortion from Perth, Australia
10. Birthdays on the road.

- Sam Bosson

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