Sunday, July 13, 2008


so thursday night we were hanging out in new jersey at our roadie nick fits house so we decided to go to a show that night in jersey. it was a cool gig it was the banners record release and it was also a record release gig for pellinore and surroundings. we were having a good time hanging out. then the idea came up that we should play a few songs so we all talked and decided fuck it why not. our bass player spencer was not there yet he was still in the van driving across the country so we had to find a bass player stat. who better than nick fit? we taught him the songs outside in the back of his truck and then we went in and played three songs right before the mongoloids and it was wild. here are some pictures courtesy of manny marres. check it out:

after the gig we went over to our friend rottmans house for a bbq. burgers gigs and beer. it was a solid night overall. you know its a good night when you throw up the following morning? spencer got in super late that night im not exactly sure what time but he came in flipped on me screamed some wild shit in my face at some random hour of the night. spencer is back and in full rage mode. the next morning we woke up early to get started on our long day. we had a lot of shit to do that day. we had to practice/pick up our new cd and get to the gig up in boston. we looked it up on the internets and found a practice spot right near where we picked up our cds in long island, ny. so we made our way through hours of traffic and finally got into long island. we went straight to the practice spot and had a good hour of jammin. after that we packed up quickly to make it over to the pressing plant before they closed. we got a little turned around in long island on the way to get the cds but it eventually worked out and we made it. i never realized how much room cds take up till we picked em all up. it was a great feeling for all of us to pick up the cd that we did ourselves. we did it all. trash talk collective 001. we couldnt be any more siked. after we picked up the cds we had to smash to boston in order to make it on time to play. i took the wheel and started flying down the freeway a lot faster than i probably should have. our directions sent us on a ferry from long island to ct. i guess its alot faster than backtracking and going through nyc. so we hopped the ferry to ct and got back on the freeway going super speeds hoping to not get pulled over cause i dont have my license and that would not be a good situation. we showed up the boston gig during iron ages 2nd to last song just in time to gig. we loaded in past the lower class brats show going on downstairs and got everything set up. the show was rad. tons of kids came out and raged. shout outs to km for always hooking us up when we come through boston. we sold our new cd for the first time ever that night and it was cool to get it out there. we will have it with us this whole tour so you should probably pick it up when we come through. go see hoodrack at the table he will be able to point you in the right direction. here are some pictures from the boston gig check it out for yourself:

after the show we went and stayed with some of our friends around the area. i smoked tons of weed with this dude who was tellind me about his wild gamer life. starcraft warcraft and all of the shit. i was next level high so it was pretty interesting hearing how people make money off of that shit? the next morning we woke up and walked around boston for a few. got some food check out some stores then got in the van and made our way to the NYC gig. we showed up a little early. the place the show was SUPPOSED to happen at was the illest spot you could ever have a show at. it was in brooklyn you walk down this hallway through a door and theres this backyard area about 15 feet by 15 feet. it would have been an insane gigger in that spot. it looked like something out of a movie or some shit. too bad right before iron age was about to get on and shred everyone the cops busted in the door and broke up the part. i guess all the beer and weed going around the building didnt help the situation but still tell the cops to get a life and let the gig go on. the promoter tried to move the show to this place called the rockstar bar so we all packed up and made our way over there. kids were taking the train and walking over that way to. once we got there we found out the show was 21+. i walked in the spot and the lady says "you got an id?" i said "yo im not 21 my band is about to play here right now" and she replied with "i dont give a fuck what youre about to do youre not stepping foot in here unless your 21" so the gig was officially cancelled. cold world/iron age and us sold merch out of the back of our vans then loaded up and parted ways for the night. we decided to make an over night drive to pittsburgh to stay with some of rashods friends that always treat us well when we come through. our road warrior nick fit banged out the long overnight drive in true road dog fashion. right now we are sitting in a living room about to eat some breakfast these wonderful people are making us. after that we will probably all pass out till the gig. tonight we play in pittsburgh you should come out if youre in the area. heres the flyer:

thats all i got for now i will be updating this blog every few days so keep checking back. come out to a gig in your area and pick up the new record. see you all soon.

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