Thursday, June 26, 2008

Euroland Tour

So i made my journey from Richmond to Philly on the 16th by way of Greyhound bus to meet up with the rest of the band to prepare and leave for Euroland. The bus ride was alright, but greyhound as a whole sucks so bad. I finally got to philly at 12:50am and i couldnt get a taxi to Mook's house. They were so shitty but finally i got one. i got to mook's crib, chilled, watched mtv jams for a while then my dudes arrived. we chiled for a while longer and slept. Woke up the next day and practiced and organized shirts. Our homie Scuba Steve from Trap Them is filling n on bass and at practiced he nailed that shit. He's a beast. THen we get to the airport....what a pain in the ass, but it wasnt as bad as we expected it to be. Everything got sent thru, and we went thru security and it was all good. we ate McDonalds right before we got on the plane and it was so good. The flight from philly to Manchester was long and kind of stressful. one of the flight attendants was a bitch about G and Scuba wanting vegan meals, which we thought they were getting anyway. Well everything got taken care of and we all ate gross airplane food. after we ate, we watched movies and tv shows and listened to music and fell asleep. I barely slept in that uncomfy ass seat. We finally arrived in Manchester and it was raining and cold. We thought it was summer but nah that shit felt like fall. We got off the plane, and had to be walked to this little room to wait for a bus to take us to another terminal. We get the the terminal and G realizes that he forgot all of our boarding passes and his passport in the little room. The driver goes back and gets it all and we have to literally run to get on the plane. Well the dudes at the counter tells us that the flight is delayed and we can take our time. HA yo we look at the huge screen and that shit was NOT delayed and we start sprinting to the plane and they are about to shut the door and we start yelling at them telling them to hold up. They let us on the plane an people were looking at us like we were weirdos. I fell asleep before the plane even took off. We landed in London and it was chill, but then they told us our bags were still in Manchester. Of course at that point we were pissed cause that was our merch, clothes, and gear we brought over. Whatever, we chilled and got on our next and last flight to Brussels. Once again, i fell asleep before the plane took off. We landed and went thru customs then waited for our bags. One bag with my Snare and some clothes came thru but that was it. We went to the counter and they said that the bags were still in manchester and would prolly be at Brussels by 830pm. We walked out and Flip was chilin waiting for us and we didnt know he was picking us up, it was really weird. He takes us to his homie Stief's crib in Belgium which was real player. Its right in the middle of the redlight district. We were walking thru and my mind was blown. half naked broads just standing in windows wanting to get fugged real bad. WOW!! We walked around for hours and got lost but fund our way back. We walked and chilled in the redlight district for a long time and went to a few jerk was great and it. 830 came around and the airport never called about our bags....sweet life. The next day, we woke up and showered and we walked out to our van and met our driver, Sebastian. What a great dude. From there, we drove to Holland for Trash Fest and met up with The Mongoloids. at first it was weird but then it was chill. we ate, met people and finally met the Reflections Family. What an awesome group of people. We finally played, and our set was insane. So wild for never playing Holland before, better yet not being in Europe before. YO G and i walked to a "coffee shop" and you can buy tree there. At a store you can buy tree. Shit was so crazy. After the show we had to drive overnight to the ferry to take to the UK. We were there early, but got on with no problems. It was weird but whatevs. Its so annoying when noone speaks the same language as you. We got to the UK and chilled and played the gig. It was cool. All the UK shows were pretty crazy. We werent expecting it at all. All of the shows have been awesome. Lastnight we played Paris, France. The show was cool i guess. That place made me hate Europe tho. Rude ass people everywhere and it was hot and we walked for like 5 hours or something. We saw Down To Nothing stickers all over the venue and that was a relief. There have been sooo many DTN shirts at every show. Great band, and my brothers. After the show we went and saw the Eifel tower and it was pretty wild. We went to McDonalds and got food then went to our sleeping place. Woke up, and started our journey to Germany. Pretty boring drive until we went thru a toll and got stopped at french customs. Noone spoke english. So dumb. We opened up the back and G was sleeping and he woke up and jumped out and they were so weirded out but then they let us go. Stopped us for no reason and didnt search a damn thing. Idiots. Now we are in Trier, Germany and one of the coolest venue's ive ever been to. Our tour package mets up with the Bitter End package and we play together tonight, we are stoked to see friends from the states in another country. Thats all we got for now, but keep them eyes open for more to come real real soon. New record out July 22nd, pick that shit up. Tour with Cold World and Iron Age coming up as son as we get home from Euroland. Peep and www.trashtalkhc for updates and tour dates. If we are playing near you, come hang, and party. Bring beer, tree and whatever else can get you faded for them, and just Bring me cokes, cookies, cupcakes and brownies. SUP WIT IT..
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