Thursday, June 3, 2010


We finally made it home after a long trip across America. We canoed a river in Wisconsin, Made some new friends in Milwaukee, Broke down in Wyoming, Froze overnight in a random parking lot, Walked the salt flats in Utah, Smoked too much, Ate a bunch of horrible stuff, Gambled in Nevada and made it home in one piece. Shout outs to all the people that helped make it happen (Especially Jeff the Mechanic in Rock Springs, WY). Here are some photos we took on the journey. Check it out:

We are going to be spending the next few days catching up on some much needed hang time. Pre orders for Eyes & Nines are still up in our webstore. They are going fast so pick one up now before it's too late. Check back here in a few days for updates on Eyes & Nines, New webstore merch, Upcoming shows and a bunch of other stuff. This summer is going to be busy as fuck. Forwards ever backwards never.

- Lee