Monday, July 6, 2009

3313.80 miles...

We are currently sitting in a hot apartment in Chicago, IL. We traveled here from NYC last night after a fun filled night of fireworks, music, drinks and friends. Now we are getting ready to get back in the van and finish the rest of this drive across the US of A back to the great state of California. It's crazy to think about how many miles we have traveled in a van together. I wish I would have kept track of the number. Tour ended 2 days ago in NYC. Thanks to all the punks, skins, crusties, hardcore kids and whatever other kind of freak you can think of that came out to any of the shows on our last tour. It was a blast. Extra big thanks to The Casualties and Leftover Crack for making every night a wild one. Tour was great but it's been awhile since we have been back in our home state. I can't wait to get back to California and do the most summer things possible. BBQ's, rivers, cliffs, movies, adult beverages and hang with friends just to name a few. We have tons of NEW stuff coming up soon in the Trash Talk camp that will make your head spin so keep checking back for updates. I believe Slayer is playing at the Sleep Train Amphitheater this Friday in Sacramento. If you live in the area you should definitely try to make it out. Hopefully I'll see you there.

That's all for now. Hope everyone is having a great summer. See you soon.


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