Sunday, November 2, 2008

10/30 - 11/01

Atlanta, Ga
After Nc we (Fit/AV) drove thru the night to some wild house in Atlanta. We arrived mad early so we just chilled all day. While dudes caught up on sleep,showers and shaves Kellen,Sparky,Philip and myself went to play basketball. Back at the house we loaded up and headed to the show at the Pit. As usual Atlanta always comes thru with the good gigs. Thanks to Neal and whoever put that joint on it was for sure good times. Post show was a really weird night to say the least. Shortys crying, homies cupcaking and weird Halloween parties. Atlanta = Wild Times

Jacksonville, FL
This show was a big surprise. It had to be over by 8pm and it was on Halloween. With those two factors we had pretty low expectations. Once things got going the gig turned out to be a banger. Florida no joke is a ill spot to play shows. I reminds me of California in the since that you can play mad shows in the state. Post show we headed to catch our good friends Paint it Black's parking lot gig in Gainesville at the fest. We got there in time to catch the Bouncing Souls and to get some ill dives and shit. After the Souls we ran across the street to see PIB play one song of fucking chaos. The dudes made it thru one joint before the cops fell thru on horses stopping the dives off of uhuals and the all out party going down in the streets. After a hour or so of parking lot pimpin with PIB we went to play this warehouse gig up the street. I guess the 60 people or so there were all misinformed beacuse there was no key to the door or PA so we dipped back to the Holiday Inn. We needed gas so we hit the local Kangaroo. The people in the store were buggin so hard on getting robbed it was fucking crazy. I walked in with a hoodie up and they bugged out. Kellen being drunk and at this point out of his mind fell thru with a ill pumpkin head on. The dude bugged out and accused us of attempted robbery. So I had to chill and talk to the cops forever then at 5am we hit the waffle house.

Miami, Fl
Last night was the longest night of tour yet. The gig was hood as fuck. It was at this place 56 that had the coldest rap hall of fame airbrushed on the walls. The YG's(Young g's) were buggin on kids pitting so hard. After our set heads were asking me 20 questions on how I deal with kids being so wild. Post gig they rolled out the crazy sound system and a venue full of hardcore types turned into the coldest hood party. Shouts to all of those dudes for the gig and to the liquor store across the street for Heem (Hennessy) with ice and cups for immediate consumption.
Last night was also Kellen's birthday so we hit South Beach then Fort Lauderdale for all night wild shit. Most of which I cant speak on but I will say some dudes just fall in love. Every night..

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