Tuesday, August 19, 2008

To dead the rumors..

Trash Talk Collective is a label (if you decide to call it that) funded by and only by Trash Talk.
When we decided to self release our record we honestly had no idea how much hard work goes into it. Luckily, we've had some really dope training wheels (Bob, Riley, Dave, Nicole, Vique) to help us get to where we envisioned ourselves as a band. Without those people walking us through the steps to how things are done, we would have easily failed. In addition to selling most of our belongings, I took out a pretty hefty loan in my name to cover whatever expenses we had projected for our upcoming releases. Therefore, right now my credit is fucked. So I hope this lays to rest any rumors of our record being "funded" by some magical outside source. As for publicity on our our release, we hired our friend Derek over at Solid PR to get the word out to whoever was interested, and no joke, that dude is killing it. Props to him and his team.

Revelation has played a huge part in us being able to function as band/label. They have helped us with so much from telling us better spots to press records when others were through the roof, to Josh assembling records while we were on tour on his off time at home. I could not be more hyped to have them on the team. Being that we had no way to efficiently distribute out release overseas, we were hyped when Reflections Records and Alliance Trax showed interest in what we were doing. This was the first time in our career, as a band, where we felt like we were 100% in control. Johan, Suzanne, and Daiki-- thank you for making our lives easier overseas and for the ill imports.

Some people misconstrue our views on records labels with our past experiences.
This was not my purpose. I support what I know and that's Spiderghost, Six Feet Under, Revelation, and a few others that we have built great relationships with. As said before, the "music business" is all about relationships. I don't have relationships with any of the other million labels out there, so it would be ignorant for me to speak on ALL record labels. If any labels took offense to this or anything said by me and my team, my deepest apologies go out to you. I encourage building relationships between the hardcore scene, or any scene for that matter. I also believe in free thinking and if you think that there is no way to get to your full potential alone without the help of another, you are mistaken. I will be the first to say that maybe we didn't go about things the best way and sadly, it sucks to have lost so many friends because of it. Our intent was not to shit on anybody, but merely to prove to ourselves and to the non believers that it could be done.

"Money is worthless, real power is people, real strength is in the streets where everybody's equal"- HNIC

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