Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Gate A57 at Denver International Airport

Waiting for a connecting flight to turn yourself in to county jail in Kearney Nebraska is easily the most frustrating experience ever. I cant wait to get my jumpsuit and Maximum Security toothpaste already so I can get some good sleep. Flying from Seattle to Denver to bullshit Kearney NE sucks yo take my word for it. Lee, Spencer and Jason are on the way to Rva to practice with Rashod and get things together for Sunday(our return to the road). If you are in Rva check my guys out. Blah Blah Jail, Tour, Webstore, LP keep it locked yo. And if you can spare ten bucks cop a shirt or tank top or two from the webstore lawyers are mad expensive.
See you all in a week..


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Bill D. Photography said...

Damn dude, whats with you guys and the run ins with the law?