Monday, April 21, 2008

Times Are Changin'

The Trash Talkers are back in the city of brotherly love and not a second too soon. We've spent enough time here that it serves as somewhat of a sanctuary from the uncertainties of tour; a second home if you will. It seems we always hit Philadelphia as the seasons are changing. This poses a problem as late fall is turning into winter and the wind bites through our already thin coats, but is a pleasant surprise as the summer sun loosens up the last chills of spring. Luckily we are experiencing the latter and can finally peel off the dingy jeans that have been simultaneously protecting our legs from the elements and repelling any possible new friends with their ever worsening smell. Sweatshirts and flannels are being replaced by t-shirts and an occasional tank top. Whether from the change of weather or lack of clean clothing, shoes are being worn sans socks and the stench of feet is returning to the van.

One thing that will not be returning to the van is our drummer Sam. He is unable to continue with us due to some personal troubles. We wish him the best with his future endeavors and hope that he is able to bounce back from his tribulations.

As one era must end, another must begin. We welcome Rashod from Bracewar into the Trash Talk camp with open arms and are very excited to begin our time with him. We apologize for having to cancel several of our upcoming shows. Believe me, it will be better in the long run. A couple members are currently dealing with some legal issues that need to be taken care of. We will be resuming our tour on May 4th in Brooklyn, NY at club Europa with Coliseum and Victims. Check our website at for tour dates as well as some new webstore items.




kimpunkrock said...

Hey spence! Glad things are ok with u guys. I miss u guys in seattle. I saw Issac and he said he missed u guys too.

Anyway come visit us soon!!!
kim said...

this band needs to move to richmond. said...


isn't that the broad that got pissed 'cuz dudes wouldn't sell her vinyls.


ray said...

where is christling in this future?