Sunday, April 13, 2008

Nick Fit (Road Warrior) speaks...

everything has been good. nothing to complain about. well maybe the fiends (klipa and autistic eric) are a little too much to deal with at times but other then that it's been a good time. the shows have been good. trapped under ice have been doing really well for their first us tour. riding in the van with a different cast of characters everyday has been nothing short of entertaining. we've been down the east coast, through texas and now we are on our last day of the california dates and then we are off to the middle of the country and then back to the east coast for a little bit. canada might be cool? then back to the east coast? then back to canada? then back to the west coast? let's hope the cops don't get them first and bring me down with them. in conclusion, one thing needs to be said: courtnay (the roadie for trapped under ice) has some weak ass mosh. see you later.


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