Wednesday, May 7, 2008



this is my first blog post in trash talk. you'll hear from me from time to time. so the rest of the dudes came down to richmond and practiced with me for a few days. it went really really well. shout outs to HEATHEN for letting us use the practice space for a few days. after chillin in richmond for a few days we made our way to philly to chill with our boy mook at his huuuge house party. shit was wiiild, like so wild. mook was smokin fools, dudes were pulling knives. his roommate had a golf club, straight swingin on fools. the next morning we woke up early and headed to Brooklyn, NY to start our tour with Coliseum and Victims. The show was awesome. tons of kids came out from Long Island, and Brick, NJ. BRICKTOOOWWWNNN SHORE STYLE. The show seemed like it was at some weird ass goth club, and the lighting was blood red and the people that ran the club were so weird. They were straight polish mobsters. they were nice enough though. after the show, we were loading the van and got a parking ticket. 2 lil bitch ass cops that looked 16 yrs old tried to punk us but they didnt want nooone. after that, we went to a 24hr spot and ate food, and it was too wild, i had to eat outside. that night we stayed in bushwick with Zed, the other dudes know him from back home. all i can say is dude is on another planet. the next day, we went into the city and ate pizza and red bamboo. when we met up with the rest of the dudes we looked inside and haley from paramore and chad from NFG were inside eating, it was kind of cool. after we left NYC, we made our way to Providence, R.I. and played at club hell. the show was really weird, but cool. some dude jumped off the monitor and grabbed the disco ball and broke it on the floor and nick fit had glass in his britches. they gave us way to many drink tickets at this gig. the dudes had a blast. on the drive to boston after the gig we had to pull over to let spencer throw up. he wasn't doing to well so we left him in the van to get some much needed rest. we stayed with nick fit's old homie from jersey and partied a little more and stayed up till about 5 something playing GTA4. that game is sooo intense. we woke up about 12, and chucky edge came over and we went out and walked around and ate pizza, then we drove to the gig. we loaded in before coliseum....ummm thats so wild since those dudes show up super early before the gigs. our set was cool, some core men came out and set it off. we did a video interview for kris mission's new video interview website. it should be up pretty soon. P boy of new lows fame conducted the interview guest appearances from the lockin out crew. we said some wild shit.. some realll wild shit. you'll see soon enough. be sure to check out their website and keep your eyes open for that..

so about canada.. as all of you probably know by now we have been having some legal issues lately. one of our members still has an open case that is being dealt with. we were not able to get across the border with that going on it just couldnt happen. the us/canadian border is one of the most strict things ever. if you have a criminal record or anything going on like that they arent having it. we are super bummed because i know tt has never made it up into eastern canada. after all of this legal shit smooths over we will make up the gigs we had to cancell. I know the dudes are tryin to smoke that wild canada tree. it seems like we have had to cancel a bunch of gigs because all of this bullshit but it is almost over with and it will be over with just in time for europe in june(details coming soon). right now we are chillin in chedges house about to go catch a mind eraser gig at the midway cafe in boston. we will prolly be playin some gigs around the area this week. keep your eyes peeled we are liable to pop(a head) up anywhere.

for now, thats all i got. check the dates and if we are in your area, come see us. bring that ill shit for the other dudes, and lots of alcohol. as for me, just bring me brownies, cookies, cupcakes, pizza, steaks, and ribs.

one love, no peace.



Kill You're Self said...

you guys love the law

Anonymous said...

Play Kansas City goddammit.

chedge said...

would read again.
where did you write this???