Monday, May 12, 2008

Cleveland Rocks!

After our beer/blunt-filled last night in Boston, we began the 10 hour trek to Cleveland, making a much appreciated breakfast pit stop at Ashley's house in Pittsburgh. We showed up on her porch rain soaked and hungry, but left full, rested and relatively dry.

We had only been on the road for twenty minutes when we realized that our roadie Jason T. didn't have the gumption to drive above 55 in the rain. Being that we had to make a near 5 hour drive in approximately 4 hours, something had to be done about that. We stopped for gas and I commandeered the wheel. We were soon back up to speed and with the help of our newly acquired GPS (that for some reason wanted to show us the wonders of the back roads of Ohio) we made it to the first show of the night... roughly 3 minutes before our set.

We rushed down the tiny stairs into the boggy marsh of a bar the show was being held in, set up and began our set. The venue was tiny and the show ruled. A half an hour later we were running back up those tiny stairs to the van so we could get to the second show of the night. In 15 minutes we were pulling up to Peabody's and scrambling out of the van to load our gear in. We were slated to play from 7 to 7:30 but the time was already 7:40 and the sound guy didn't seem to give two shits about letting us play the show. Luckily, we were able to convince him to let us set up after Victims and play a short set. As soon as Victims finished playing, I hopped on stage to begin setting my gear up. Done. That's when it hit me. Where the fuck is my bass? I hit the ground running like a chicken with its head cut off trying to find it. I looked in every corner of the club, to no avail. Time was ticking. In order to save time, I used Johan's (Victims) bass and plugged in. 13 short minutes later we were tearing down and loading off the stage. That's when the party started.

Blunts were being offered from all sides and there were 40s of High Life waiting for us upstairs. Once we were sufficiently inebriated we began to explore the venue. We found the second room. I don't even know how to describe what was going on in there. I initially walked in to a breakdown and some guy who looked much like Marvel comics villain, Kingpin, rapping(?) and screaming. It was a little too much for me and I had to leave the room. Keeping in mind what I had just seen, I made sure to wander back to that room periodically throughout the night as a source of amusement... and amused I was.

After we loaded out, we made our way to a pizza joint around the corner from the venue for some slices. Don't eat at Rascal House pizza in Cleveland. My pizza sucked, my soda sucked and everyone else's pizza looked sucky. The slices were cold and my root beer may as well have been in Bozo the Clown's trick bottle because it was nearly all soda water. We then left the city into the beautiful suburb of Medina, Ohio to sleep. Sleep was good.

On to Waffle House.


Anonymous said...

make it down to san diego again soon!

Taylor said...

Yo I hope you twinks saw lebron at Waffle house

Robconoclast said...

Peabody's is notorious for ripping off bands dudes, be careful when dealing with them. Another bowling alley show would be great though !

Anonymous said...

Fuck Peabody's. That's all I have to say.
And I've lived in Cleveland all my life, and have never eaten at Rascal House.
Good to know I'm not missing much.