Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Eyes & Nines/Shame LP/ SXSW

This year is gearing up to be a really crazy one. Sorry for the lack of posts but we have been working hard on getting Eyes and Nines as well as Collective vol 2 ready for the streets. We will have a ton of updates coming up very soon. Thanks for all of the hate emails regarding our negligence.

Shame LP's have been kicking my ass. Somewhere along the lines of the pressing there were some issues with the the sound quality so we had to refuse the press that came in. This is the reason for the hold up. Thanks to everyone who pre-ordered the record for your patience. Mailers are filled out and ready to go once they hit my door step.

On a much brighter note we will be attending a week long mess of party called South by South West next month. If your going to be in the area give us a shout and lets grab a drink, smoke, taco or whatever it is that your into..
Happy Black History Month!

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