Monday, August 3, 2009

Sirens & Fury.. Our European tour starts this Friday...

This past weekend was rad. Our set at Sound & Fury on Sunday night ended with cops surrounding the front of the building, various objects flying through the sky, and a girl jumping off the roof of the fest. The Uhaul place didn't even notice that their truck was covered in foot prints from people climbing up it and flipping off of it when we returned it the next day. Shout outs to Riley, Bob and Todd for letting us get loud in the parking lot and everyone else for sticking around and groovin with us. We had a blast. Hopefully no one got too fucked up. Right now we are currently in the studio putting the finishing touches on a record that we have been recording for the past week or so. Keep your eyes and ears open for more details on that coming soon. We are leaving for Europe this week. Our first show is on Friday in the Netherlands. We will be playing shows all over Europe for the next three weeks. If we are playing in your area you should come out and hang. We want to go and do things/see stuff. We haven't been over to Europe in about a year so it's time to get wild.


8/7/09 - Netherlands, Arnheim @ Willemeen
8/8/09 - Germany, Essen @ Pressure Fest
8/9/09 - Germany, Hamburg @ Hafenklang
8/10/09 - Sweden, Jönköping @ Insikten Kulturhuset
8/11/09 - Germany, Berlin @ Cassiopeia
8/12/09 - Poland,Warsaw @ Radio Luxembourg
8/13/09 - Germany, Gotha @ The Londoner
8/14/09 - Germany, Torgau @ Endless Summer Fest
8/15/09 - Netherlands, Hengelo @ Innocent
8/16/09 - Belgium, Mol @ JH Tydeeh
8/17/09 - France, Paris @ Le Pixi
8/18/09 - Belgium, Messancy @ Rider’s Park
8/19/09 - Germany, Mannheim@ JUZ
8/20/09 - Austria, Wien @ Centro Once
8/21/09 - Germany, Hohenstein @ Voice of Art Festival
8/22/09 - Germany, Zedtwitz @ Fernverkehr
8/23/09 - UK, London @ Underworld
8/24/09 - UK, Huddersfield @ Bar 1:22
8/25/09 - UK, Newport @ TJ’s
8/26/09 - UK, Nottingham @ The Old Angel
8/27/09 - UK, Ipswich @ Rose and Crown
8/28/09 - UK, Kingston @ The Fighting Cocks
8/29/09 - Belgium, Ieper @ Ieperfest

For more info on any of these shows head over to

That's all for now. There is tons of new shit coming soon. Join our mailing list to keep up with everything that's going on and don't forget to check back on the blog for crazy euro tour stories. See you soon.


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