Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Off to Europe...

It's 12:40 AM and I'm sitting in my house in Sacramento, CA. My bag is packed and I'm ready to head over and start giggin euro land again. Being home for a few weeks has been pretty refreshing but getting back out on the road is just as refreshing. I have to meet up with Garrett at the Sacramento International Airport at 4:30 AM to get everything checked in and squared away. We all have some pretty neat flight schedules. I'll be flying out at 6:00 AM and heading up to Portland, OR. Garrett is going from Sacramento to Texas. From Portland I will be flying and meeting Garrett in Texas for our final flight out to Amsterdam. Unfortunately Spencer won't be able to make it with us on this trip. Our good friend Jared from RVA will be filling in on the bass strings. Jared and Rashod will be flying out of Richmond, VA at around 1 PM. I'm not exactly sure where they are flying to before finally landing in Amsterdam but I'm sure it's just as wild as our flight adventure. The plan is to all meet up in Amsterdam on Friday(the day of the first gig). Europe was gnarly last time. I'm really looking forward to the bizarre shit that is going to go down this time. Seeing Paint It Black every night is going to be killer too. They are all rad dudes to hang/party with. A lot of good people were involved in setting this whole tour up so it should be wild. I'm going to be keeping this blog updated while we are over there. I know I said I would do that last time but I fucked up. If you live in Europe you should come out to these gigs and hang with us. If you live in America we will be posting our Fall U.S. tour dates within the next few days so keep your eyes open for that. I'm going to go try and catch some sleep before all of this madness happens. We will be seeing all of you very soon. Be safe.



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XPhillipX said...

where are the updates from the eurotour? ;-P

anyway: it was great to share the stage with you guys in london! can't wait to see you again, hope it won't take too long!

all the best,

XPhillipX/Feeding Time